Grid Search Findings

Smeefy at G2

water mostly clear except for 1 tube that looks open and leads to underneath the pier somewhere but has an invisible wall that keeps you from swimming through.
EDIT****the picture is a link to the location not an actual photo of the tube)

Land mostly cleared i got an arrow for you red arrow lovers

This thing just blared out take my picture so i did

Blueprints of the pier

an X and a red arrow =p (i just really like this tag)

And probly the biggest clue at G2

I did make a decent observation though, i talked to the guy on the pier jesse and i remember having a whole different conversation when i engaged him with micheal, im gonna go around and talk to all those strangers and freak with all 3 characters hopefully they have some insight on something

LazloZeLlama at H5

Alright, it aint much but this is what I gathered from my search of the square "H5" if we're still working off that  quadrant map. (I wasn't able to explore "G5" so that's available for more people to search. I only found two semi interesting things in that section. One is probably nothing, the other I need someone's opinion on. Also I apologise for quality but the location I was at had no internet so I couldn't take Snapmatic pictures. Anyways, here's what I found.

(Less important finding which is probably nothing) Shoes hanging on a power line like in the Hippy Camp.


More interesting a house that's just begun construction it's got six squares but only five have rebar sticking out of it. The foundation of the building looks like the mural on Chiliad. A couple things I thought about this was maybe the house being under construction hinting towards the jetpack and such being DLC. But in a positive manner, maybe the sixth box ( if this even represents the mural / mountain ) the sixth box could be reffering to an unmarked glyph? Or a hidden one? I'd like peoples opinion on this.

Edit: Sorry don't know why they uploaded upside down.Or why they aren't URL's. Hopefully this isn't much of an annoyance.


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